Project Offload

Optimise your resource and focus your team with Zeit FleX

With a dependable partner by your side, you can keep your team focused on innovation and delivering value.

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Keep your team moving forward

Focus on the work that requires your talents, not the mundane. Zeit can accommodate and manage packages of any size and take care of the technical grunt work, so your team can stay focused on innovation.


Access support that is aligned with you

Speed up your development process, without impacting quality. Zeit delivers work inline with your processes and standards, enabling seamless integration into your business and projects.


Gain more control over your costs

  • Get a better understanding of project costs from the beginning
  • Tailor the project scope to meet your budget
  • Plan better with more accurate quotes from a partner that understands your business

Don’t let project costs get out of control. Get a better understanding of the costs to deliver projects upfront, with clear quoting and communication.


Get everything you need in one place

Offload projects and work packages with confidence. Our team of engineers and project managers have experience in various sectors and from all stages of the product life cycle.

Working with a partner that understands your business reduces the risk when offloading projects and makes offloading work quicker, simpler and hassle-free.

1. Discuss

Discuss the the details of the work you want to offload.

2. Define

Define the details of the project and put together a proposal.

3. Agree

Agree the deliverables, timescales, and cost and begin to move forward with the project.

4. Deliver

Deliver in line with your standards and processes.

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