On-Demand Support

Optimise your resource and focus your team with Zeit FleX

With technical resource available on-demand, you can increase the productivity of your team by allowing them to stay focused on the work they do best.

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Technical support when you need it

  • Receive support from a team you know and trust within 24hrs
  • Get new projects kicked off and moving faster
  • Reduce time spent finding and interviewing temporary staff

Don’t let important tasks and projects begin to pile up. Call or email us at any time and get the support you need, when you need it.


Flexible access to a team you know and trust

  • Control costs with support you can turn on and off as needed
  • Optimise your staffing levels to match your requirements
  • Grow with confidence knowing you have a dependable partner by your side

Reduce the impact on your team from distractions and allow them to stay focused on innovation and delivering value.


Aligned with your vision and requirements

  • Work with a partner that is invested in you and the success of your business
  • Access support that is aligned with your businesses processes and standards
  • Reduce your recruitment, onboarding, and administration costs

Eliminate the repeated cost of onboarding new temporary members of the team. With Zeit, once onboard, we are ready to deliver every time you need us, now and in the future.


Reduce costs and increase productivity

  • Eliminate the cost of carrying surplus resource capacity
  • Increase your resource costs in line with the increase in workload
  • Unlock discounts as you use Zeit more

Minimise the cost of underutilised staff and increase productivity. Zeit’s flexibility, scalability and simple fee structure means you only pay for the support you need to get the job done.


Grow your team when the time is right

  • Delay permanent increases in the size of your team until you are confident they will be fully utilised
  • Determine what expertise you really need to move your business forwards
  • Reduce the impact of sickness, holidays, and employees moving on

Reduce the risk when growing your team. Increase the level of support in line with demand until the time is right to permanently grow your team.


See things from a different point of view

Get the support you need and reduce the uncertainty when doing things for the first time. Our qualified engineers and project managers have experience from various backgrounds and together can provide your team with different points of view.

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Working with a partner that understands your business makes managing your workload quick, easy and hassle free.

1. Discuss

Phone or email to talk about the support you need.

2. Define

We summarise the discussion and rapidly respond with confirmation of the deliverables, timescales and any inputs.

3. Deliver

We start work on delivering the support you need and hand it back over when complete.

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