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Covid-19 has seen a lot of things change in the world, especially in the engineering design and product development space. Most businesses have been affected in some way and will be cautious as they emerge from hibernation and begin to understand the impact on their balance sheets and customer order book.

Prior to COVID, Zeit generated most of its revenue from longer-term engineering design contracts where the requirement was for full-time engineering support. Although I still see that type of work being required I feel that there is an opportunity in the market to deliver a more flexible service that delivers value to our customers, and allows Zeit to scale and grow into a business that can make a sustainable positive impact.

This new service will be called Zeit FleX and is now ready to launch. Zeit FleX will offer its customers on-demand professional engineering and project management services that match the customer’s resource requirements exactly. This service will save our customers money by delaying their employment of a new full-time member of the team until they can be confident they have enough work for another full-time engineer. Any work that they cannot resource will simply be passed over to us where our full-time engineers can pick it up and deliver what is required.


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